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History Binter Merzy In Indonesia

In Indonesia, Binter is the local brands from the Kawasaki motorcycle in Indonesia. Binter is the abbreviation of the name of Bright Star, which is the name of the company is a distributor motorcycle. This brand last used in 1983 when Kawasaki close their business in Indonesia.Kawasaki motorcycles in the day and then reopen the business in Indonesia but no longer use the brand "Binter"

In Indonesia, the motor of Cruiser Style more familiarly known as Binter Merzy or Binter.Dengan Kawasaki 200 cc single-cylinder,

is considered one of the motorcycle engine capacity of the largest ever produced in Indonesia in early 1980.

At the time the Kawasaki Motors had planned to launch a new model will increase capacity by 250 cc engine.However, because the Indonesian government regulations at that time rejected it in the rules Because of the time limit the maximum engine capacity is 200 cc motorcycles to the public.

Binter Merzy / KZ200 is a middle-class motorcycle engine with 200 cc single-cylinder. This motorcycle is a motorcycle largest official mass production of engine capacity in Indonesia to at Thunder Suzuki 250cc was launched in Indonesia.
In 1983, motorcycle adopted this system CDI and production stopped in 1984. This initial production specifications called Merzy CDI.
In 1984, During production, there are 1 changes in the model from the end of the predecessor model to be more sporty or what's called merzy new tank or Merzy Cobra.

This Motorcycle has become the favorite to become a modified form of a motorcycle Harley Davidson chopper style, and until now there are many operation.
Binter products are:

1. Binter Joy (woman motorcycle , in the brand "Joy" is still used by Kawasaki Indonesia, through the motor Blitz Joy 125)

2. Binter AR125 (motorcycle sport touring, tercanggih in class at the time, complemented monoshock and the radiator)

3. Binter Merzy KZ200 (motorcycle middle-class, 200 cc single bersilinder, motorcycle production capacity of the largest bulk official in Indonesia until the engine Suzuki 250cc Thunder was launched. Motor became the favorite to become a modified form of a motorcycle Harley Davidson chopper style, and until now there are many operation )

4.Binter GTO (2 not a motorcycle, with fellow Suzuki GP100 and Yamaha RX100)

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